Rico Suarez Fitness Autobiography

Autobiography of Rico Suarez

Rico Suarez’s biography is an open book; he is a famous actor with many fans; he is a model and social media personality raised in Medellin, Colombia, and Miami. He sets an example that if a man is willing to do something great, nothing can defeat him, and being incredible is conceivable. It is exclusively a matter of decision.

There’s nothing of the kind as flawlessness and no mystic equation to intent; Rico Suarez, a Latin-American, is a sense of the composites of infallible anticipation, self-relief, and self-assurance. With a huge alteration in the profession from demanding to be a clinical specialist, a combusting desire insolvable to miss to good numerous people, Rico’s biography methodology shows that our life affections aren’t as applicable as our nonstop tour towards self- exposure. 

Accordingly, following his self-exposure, Rico Suarez would now be suitable to be indicated as a compelling actor or model. He has decided to ignore to understand what ceding implies. His considerations, much enough all he has dropped, including strength, protection, liaison, connections, family, and his profession in drugs, are his provocations.

Rico Suarez at the beach

Rico’s name abbreviation Rich In Caring for Others never changed as his objective as he has been naturally introduced to an unrestrained place of distress. Rico Suarez sees his conceiving abilities as a temporary or unlimited limitation. Despite being confronted with challenges like having negative balances in ledgers, starvation, and maximizing all Visas. Rico Suarez remains steadfast to his adversities, sometimes living and sleeping inside a vehicle, and so forth, alongside frustration from trials in which he hoped to get a job that would allow him to pay at least one month’s rent. He gives up his four-year certification in pre-prescription, the love of his life, family, and friends who chase his amusement desire.

What Is His Real Name?

Rico Suarez was born with the name: Jason Steve Torres Rico who later changed it to Rico Suarez.

Where Was He Born?

Medellin, Colombia, Miami.

Works As A Model?

Forever 21, JC Penney, Adidas, and Target. He has also been featured in Naluda Magazine, BITMAP Magazine, Medium’s Authority Magazine, Afterbuzz, In Touch Weekly, Sports Byline, and ABQ Journal. Rico has likewise shown up in significant plugs, for example, the SuperBowl LIV BayCare Commercial.


He got his education from 2010 to 2014 at Braulio Alonso High School, joined the University of South Florida (2014-2018), and acquired a Certificate in Organic Wellbeing Sciences.

Favorite Disney Movie?

Lion King (1994)

Favorite Food?


Weight and Height?

Rico weighs 175 lbs and is 6 feet in height. He achieved his wellness, characterized abs and incredible body from strength preparation.

Favorite Singer?


Role Models In Acting?

Christian Bale and Mila Kunis

Fan And Crush?


Illness And Diseases?

At a young age, he faced anorexia and suffered from anxiety/depression.


Model, Influencer, Writer, Producer, Author, Activist, Investor, Serial Entrepreneur, etc.

Visited countries for aid

An enchanting and youthful man has offered to help the less fortunate. In countries including Ecuador, Peru, and Nicaragua, he has helped place medical clinics, disinfection stations, and schools in need.

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