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Product Information



Unleash your writing potential


Grading Test Paper

Grading test paper using AI


Product Description

Generate product description based on the subject.


Ad Campaign Plan

Create an advertising campaign for product.


Subject Lines

Generate subject lines based on the subject.


Emoji Generator

Convert between text and emoji


Research Paper

Generate research paper based on the subject.


SQL Generator

Generate sql generator based on the subject.


Article Continued

Generate article continued based on the subject.


Product Ideas

Generate product ideas based on the subject.



Generate resume based on the subject.


Book Summary

Quick summary of the book


Occam’s Razor

Solving problems using Occam’s razor principle



Writing has never been so easy


Powered by ChatGPT

We provide two AI engines for your selection. While GPT-3.5 operates at high speed and efficiency, GPT-4 is more precise and creative.


Easy to use

Simply input your subject, click the generate button, and the result will appear in seconds just like magick.


Custom settings

We offer advanced customization. You can freely combine options like roles, languages, publish, tones, lengths, and formats.


Free trial

We offer a free trial service without login. We provide many payment options including pay-as-you-go and subscription.


90+ templates

We offer many templates covering areas such as writing, education, lifestyle and creativity to inspire your potential.


Use Anywhere

Our product is compatible with multiple platforms including Web, Chrome, Windows and Mac, you can use MagickPen anywhere.

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