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With M-Wakili, everyone can now have access to legal information and guidance without the need for extensive legal knowledge or feeling judged for your actions/questions. Chat with M-Wakili and get immediate and accurate answers to your legal questions based on the Kenyan constitution and other relevant acts. Say goodbye to uncertainty and confusion, and embrace the convenience of having a pocket lawyer at your fingertips.



100x your productivity! Lawyers can now optimize their workflow and save valuable time with M-Wakili. This AI-powered assistant offers comprehensive legal research capabilities drafting of legal documents and provides valuable suggestions for legal strategies. By leveraging M-Wakili’s accurate legal information, lawyers can save time and energy, focus on higher-level tasks, and improve client satisfaction.


Future Legal Eagles 

Aspiring legal professionals can hone their research and analysis skills with M-Wakili. This AI lawyer not only provides answers but also offers an opportunity to learn, revise and practice legal research techniques. Stay ahead of legal knowledge, preparing yourself for a successful career in law.

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Get instant legal answers, save time, navigate with confidence through legal complexities & say goodbye to uncertainty with your own Personal Lawyer.

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