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Vacuum Storage Bag with Electric Pump, 10-Pack Space Saving Bag, Vacuum Compression Bag for Travel and Home for Quilts, Blankets, Clothes, Pillows.


Product Information

The vacuum storage bag comes with a small electric pump (110V for USA, Canada, Mexico) No need for adapters and converters. Whether the vent valve is 2.5cm or 3.0cm, or other sizes, this universal electric pump can be used with most bags. When using, just align the hole position, press on the hole position, turn on the switch to pump air. 10-Pack vacuum compression storage bag (3*JUMBO + 3*LARGE + 4*SMALL), three different colors, beautiful colors, cute bear pattern makes your storage no longer boring, fun and multi-pack. After the clothes are put into the bag, firmly seal the bag with the buckle (you can pull the buckle several times) to smooth the wrinkles, check whether the two seals are firm, to prevent air leakage. Can be repeatedly used, double-sided design, back transparent, clothes at a glance, easy to find things. Wardrobe, luggage, backpack storage space increased by 80%, can easily organize clothes, quilts, sheets, blankets, pillows and more. 5-layer thickened polymer tough material, made of durable polymer tough material, waterproof, dustproof, leak-proof and reusable.
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