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Manual Steel Nails Gun Tool, Concrete Nail Gun, Mini Portable Nail Shooting Machine with 20 Nails, Nail Wall Fastening Tool for Cement Wall, Household Woodworking


Product Information

【LIGHT WEIGHT】 The mini nailer rivet gun is light weight and small in size. With a total weight of less than 1 kg, it is easy to handle and carry to various scenes. 【SMALL HEAD DESIGN】This concrete nail gun adopts the latest small head design, suitable for ceiling. The handle is detachable and can be connected to an extension rod to work, and high ceilings can be completed without climbing. (Excluding extension rod) 【4 GEAR POWER ADJUSTMENT】Unscrew the screw in the muffler sleeve, the more holes are exposed, the lower the power. 4 gears are adjustable, and can be applied to different usage scenarios, include steel, planks, concrete walls, and aluminum alloy trunking. Concrete nailer only takes 0.1s to pierce a 3mm steel plate in one step. 【DOUBLE SILENCER】 Using the latest air compression technology and special noise reduction nails, thickened steel silencer to reduce noise. The construction environment is more comfortable and does not disturb family or neighbors. 【EASILY USE】After the operation, hold the muffler cover, and compress it several times to remove the residue for the next operation. If a dud occurs, remove the residue and try the nail a few more times.
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