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Buddeez Bread Buddy Bread Box – Fresh Bread Storage Container, Plastic Sandwich Bread Dispenser, White Lid, Pack of 1


Product Information

Buddeez’ World Famous Bread Buddy Fresh Bread Dispenser keeps bread fresh by keeping the bread in its original bag. Bread Buddy is the perfect storage solution for all sandwich bread! This clever, one-of-a-kind bread box eliminates crushed bread, bothersome twist ties, and inconvenient bag clips. The clear design allows you to see and read all of the variety, brand, and nutritional information on the bread bag or wrapper. The Buddeez sandwich size bread buddy dispenser easily dispenses sandwich bread one slice at a time. To use, simply place the bag of bread inside the Buddy, fold the excess bag or wrapper over the edge of the container, and pull down on the outside of the bag to raise the loaf inside. It dispenses fresh bread one slice at a time with a simple pull down, pop up motion! Remember to replace the lid to keep your sandwich bread fresh. This bread box for kitchen countertop can now fit in the corner of your crowded pantry, or simply stand it up on the kitchen counter or fridge top, completely out of the way. These bread boxes are available in multiple pack sizes of one or two, and lid colors of white or red. Other Uses Include: Bread boxes for kitchen counter, white bread box, bread holder for kitchen counter, breadbox for kitchen countertop, farmhouse bread box, bread box large, bread box plastic, bread buddy – bread keeper storage container, bread container for kitchen counter, bread containers, bread bread organizer for pantry, bread preserver, kitchen counter storage, bread loaf storage container, plastic bread box, bread dispenser container with lid, large bread box for kitchen countertop, bread holder with lid, bread saver container, keep bread fresh container, and bread containers storage.
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